Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Collaborative Publishing

My group in Emerging Technologies is looking into Collaborative Publishing. I have been searching for some interesting ways for people to publish collaborate on line work. A few sites that I am reading up on are:

If any one knows about the above types of collaborative publishing and can recommend one over the other, let me know.

So far in the readings and sites I have visited, I found that the overall theme was easy of use for co-workers to communicate and work together. No more trying to schedule meetings and finding time to work as one group. People can now work on-line anytime that works for them but still be part of a group. This would have been great during my undergrad when I had all those group projects and it was hard for me to meet since I was not a traditional student that lived on campus.

Photo at http://traction.tractionsoftware.com/db/attachments/blog/50/2/CODIAKProcess.gif

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