Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ad by 18 year old

After reading Sal's thoughts post on an 18 year old that made a YouTube video about his Iphone and then was hired by Apple, it got me thinking about the students I have and their potential. I have been trying to teach them some of the new (new to me) technology I have been learning about in my Emerging Technology's class. I actually have been able to teach about some technology that students have not already used--it is hard to find something they don't already know about. For example, when we created blogs in our class, most students had used MySpace so the idea of blogging was not new to them, however, many didn't realize that is what they were doing.

I had students research three technologies and share what they had learned with the class. My posting is an example of one student's project.

Below is the link to the Iphone video. (It takes a little time to load and it will be on the right.)

Photo at

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