Sunday, September 16, 2007

Social Networking

This weeks reading on social networking was very timely since I have been thinking about how to approach blogging with my students. I want to expose my students to a number of newer technologies, but feel that I need to be extremely careful to set-up some ground rules to their usage. This week I will be working on writing up a list of procedures/rules about our classroom usage of a blog. I am also thinking about setting up a wiki, too. When reading in the article about how many schools do not allow social networking I realize that I need to read our Internet contract the students signed in 8th grade more closely. I have not read it in a few years and need to see if it says anything about social networking tools.


Julia Koreshkova said...

When reading your postings I always feel that the things discussed in the class are really close to life. You try them immediately in your class. I was amazed how successfully the teacher used blogging in her classroom. And I was surprised what statistics show about using internet for the school studies needs. I'm waiting forward to hearing about how things in your school are going.

Julia Koreshkova said...

Yesterday we were talking about your students being lazy to do the work by themselves. And even if they were working in groups, they found someone who could do and would do the whole work.
I have one personal experience here in UNI. Last year I was taking German language classes. At one of the tests I realized that I don’t know some facts or the word spelling, or something else. But I was clear about who knew that. (Just to remind, cheating is very well spread and used in Russian schools, mostly because students work in the same groups during many years. Social boundaries are very tight.)
I was looking at other students as sources of the necessary information. If we were doing tests collaboratively, we would share our knowledge and skills.