Saturday, September 22, 2007


Looking at a fellow classmate's blog at that was talking about gaming. The idea of gaming and education is new to me. When I was young, we did not use any electronic games for educational purposes in school. I know they exist, but gaming is out of my comfort zone.

For more info go to skip down to 5. Games and academia and 6. Games, consoles and game-based PCs as learning technology. It is interesting to note that the article is from 2002.

Here's a quote from the article "For example, the scenario could be modified into that of an online database-oriented game. The pupils would then work online in conjunction with pupils from other schools, acquiring database searching, information acquisition, network communication, and information analysis skills in order to complete the game."

These skills are some of the same skills that are discussed at the International Society for Technology in Education at that we are suppose to be teaching our students. ISTE lists many technology skills that students show learn to be successful in their lives. Many education games could help students learn these necessary technology skills.

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